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St. Cloud, MN Lawyer for Domestic Violence and Assault Crimes

The consequences of an assault conviction can be severe. You may face steep fines or jail time. Your criminal record may follow you. You may have trouble getting good jobs or even renting an apartment. A conviction of a crime of domestic violence, even at the misdemeanor level, can result in a lifetime ban against possession of any firearm, even a hunting firearm.

At the Law Office of Charles M. Schiff, my goal is to help you reduce — or avoid altogether — the potential consequences you could face. For nearly 30 years, I have been dedicated to aggressive legal action. I represent clients throughout central Minnesota with integrity and I focus on results.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, talk with an attorney who takes a broad look at things. At the Law Office of Charles M. Schiff, we address all parts of the problem, including orders for protection and harassment restraining orders.

Protecting My Clients' Interests

I began my career in 1974 as a public defender. In the courtroom a great deal, I refined my trial skills. Unlike some other attorneys, I know the courtroom and I am not afraid to take my criminal defenses to trial. I can and do try assault cases to protect my clients' interests.

While a trial may be the best way to get results in some cases, negotiating a plea agreement with the prosecutor can be the best way to get results in others. The best way to know what course of action you should take is to talk directly with me. Contact my St. Cloud law firm by calling 888-257-5163 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Together, we can handle a wide range of violent criminal charges:

  • First-, second-, third- and fourth-degree assault
  • Sexual assault and other violent sex offenses
  • Terroristic threats
  • Domestic assault and other domestic violence charges
  • Criminal vehicular homicide or operation
  • Homicide/murder

Don't say anything. Don't sign anything, until you talk to me. — Charles M. Schiff

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Have you been accused of domestic violence or other assault-related crimes? Contact my St. Cloud law office by calling 888-257-5163 or by completing my online contact form. Initial consultations are free and confidential.